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about us

Farrleey Filtration Co.,Ltd was established in 2007, headquartered in Guanzghou.The marketing center is located in Shanghai. Set up branches in Beijing, Taiyuan, Anyang, etc.
Hua filter environmental protection


We have focused our effort on industrial filters sectors. In the past 14 years we have developed high-quality air filters andrelated  solutions for our customers in China and worldwide. Our products and services can be founded not only in the Global 500 companies but also in local private workshops. 

Innovation is in Farrleey’s blood. In our headquarter in Guangzhou our R&D department develops continuously the innovative filters and solutions for our customers, to improve the performance, to meet the various on-site requirements or to reduce the costs.

So far, Farrleey has gained 4 patents for invention and more than 20 patents for utility model.In 2016 Farrleey was award "National High-

Tech Enterprises" by Government Guangzhou in 2016,Farrleey will collaborates with institutes, universities and associations

to continually develop innovations closely with customer requirements and a high market potential. 

Hua filter environmental protection


Mission: The more concentration, the better environment.

Vision: Become excellent service provider of industrial dedusting technology solutions

Idea: Dreams change environment

Goal: Become leading brand in the domestic industry

Core Values: Create value for customers, realize dreams for employees

Hua filter environmental protection


We have advanced experiment, production, testing and other equipment, which provide a powerful guarantee for the production of high-quality products. Advanced imported production equipment, lab equipment,test equipment are powerful garantee for supplying the product with high quality.
Hua filter environmental protection


We pursue efficient operating efficiency, which provides a powerful guarantee for cost-effective products and high-quality services. Can quickly meet customers' increasingly diverse needs.Our high efficiency operation provides a strong guarantee for cost-effective products, high-quality services can meet the diverse needs of customers.
Hua filter environmental protection


Our technical team locates in main industrial areas in China. If you have any questions about the dust, air filtration or energy saving for your filter devices, our experienced experts will provide you a suitable solutions.
Dreams change enviornment.


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